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Child Support Attorney in San Bernardino CA

Why do I need an attorney when dealing with child support?

When you have a child support issue you want to assure that you have someone that knows and understands the CA laws governing child support. Child support is based on a detailed and multifaceted formula. One of the attorney’s jobs is to get an order most favorable to her client. You want an attorney that understands how child support is determined and will be an advocate during court proceedings.

How is child support determined?

Child support is determined using a complex formula which is detailed in the CA family code. There are various factors the court takes into consideration when determining child support, however the two main factors are: income and percentage of time with minor(s).
All California courts use the same formula which is by way of a computer program that takes the factors entered and determines a guideline support amount that the court will use. Whatever the amount, the court will generally order ½ to be paid on first and ½ on the 15th of each month.

What should I do if there is court ordered child support but my ex is not paying it?

There are different ways to enforce a child support order. If an ex is not paying child support possible methods are: wage assignment, writ of execution to levy income or assets, tax refunds, suspension of driver’s license, or contempt of court proceedings which could lead to the nonpaying ex serving jail time. Additionally, interest on unpaid child support accrues at an annual percentage rate of 10%.

How can Lindsey Law firm help?

I am an experienced family law attorney and I employ skilled staff that has a wealth of knowledge in preparing family law documents. My office prepares and files all documents and I take an active role in each client’s case. Once my office is retained, I “step into the shoes” of my client and zealously advocate on their behalf. My staff and I believe that our clients are important. We work hard to achieve the best outcome each and every client.
Lindsey Law Office has represented clients in San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles and surrounding southern CA family law courts and I have knowledge of their local rules as well.

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