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Domestic Partnership Attorney in San Bernardino, CA

What is a domestic partnership?

When adult couples of the same sex who are not married file a ‘Declaration of Domestic Partnership’ with the California Secretary of State, a domestic partnership is established. Also adult couples of the opposite sex who are over 62 years old can register as domestic partners. However, today with same sex marriage being legal in the state, many couples are choosing to get married.

Do you assist with domestic partnership registration?

Yes, my office is available to assist clients wanting to file a Declaration of Domestic Partnership with the state.

What are the benefits of registering a domestic partnership?

Domestic partnership registration allows partners to receive the same benefits, rights and protections as those of married persons. Additionally, domestic partners also have the same obligations and liabilities as married persons.

What type of family matters do you handle for domestic partnerships?

At Lindsey Law we are a family law practice and handle the same type of matters for a same sex couple as we do for couples of the opposite sex.

When a couple chooses to end their domestic partnership is it similar to an annulment or divorce?

Yes. The procedures and documents that are filed with court are the same for a domestic partnership that is more than five years in duration. The check box responses for the questions are different. However, a short-term domestic partnership (five years or less) that meets state requirements, does not require a court proceeding. A document called a ‘Notice of Termination of Domestic Partnership’ can be filed with the California Secretary of State. The partnership must meet the strict conditions outlined in the family code in order to terminate the partnership by declaration instead of a court order.

Why choose Lindsey Law firm for assistance with domestic partnership matters?

We at Lindsey Law care about our clients and everyone regardless of circumstances is treated with dignity and respect. I have represented same sex couples in family law matters and I’m knowledgeable about the California laws governing domestic partnership and same sex marriage. All cases are given the time, concern and consideration needed to assure our client’s best interests are served.

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